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PeopleSoft and Student Center Slowness - Aug. 22, 2016
Posted by Gerard Au on 22 August 2016 10:10 AM

IT Services is aware of performance issues impacting the CSU PeopleSoft system, which includes Student Center.

The CSUSB ITS team have alerted the systemwide CMS team and they are working on resolving the issue. The initial assessment indicated that the system slowness is due to increased demand to the system with 12 CSU campuses starting their Fall semester, and many others beginning their registration period.

We apologize for any inconvenience and will continue to keep the campus informed.

Details about this incident can be located at: 

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Blackboard Maintenance 08/26/2016
Posted by Brandon Sierra on 18 August 2016 01:12 PM

In order to improve Blackboard services to the campus community, ITS has scheduled a Blackboard version upgrade on August 26, 2016 starting at 2:00am PDT, as approved by the IT Governance Executive Committee. The upgrade should be completed no later than 2:00pm PDT of the same day. Blackboard will not be accessible during this time. ITS is working with Faculty who have scheduled their Summer finals during this time. This date was chosen in consultation with faculty members and the IT Governance Executive Committee, and based on low anticipated usage.

The version upgrade, from the April 2014 release to the October 2015 release, includes the following list of bug fixes and feature improvements:

  • Multiple fixes have been applied to the Grades Reporting Module.
  • A fix was included for certain clients who experienced performance issues and outages when notifications were processed.
  • When creating an announcement, “No Date Restricted” is now selected by default.
  • User uploaded files that contain special characters are now replaced with an underscore ( _ ).
  • A fix for users who would receive an email from a course where the “From: ” displayed “do-not-reply@<bblearn_domain> rather than the instructor’s email address.
  • Improved browser support for the Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10.
  • HTML5 Audio and Video playback is now supported in Chrome and Edge browsers.
  • Users can now navigate from discussion thread to discussion thread without having to return to the main discussions page.
  • There are also multiple bug fixes that are contained in this release.

If you have any questions or concerns about this matter, please contact:

Technology Support Center
Information Technology Services
Phone: (909) 537-7677

Thank You, 
Jim O'Linger 
Director of Enterprise Services & Technology Support 
(909) 537-5470

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ESET Antivirus Solution for Faculty/Staff and students
Posted by James O'Linger on 21 July 2016 08:04 AM

ESET Product Logo

Installing ESET Antivirus is easy! Visit 


ESET NOD32 Antivirus - ESET Cyber Security.

CSUSB is pleased to offer you a complimentary license of ESET's award-winning security product:

FREE ESET Antivirus Software

CSUSB students, faculty, and staff can now receive a free licensing code and installation of ESET Antivirus Protection for up to three devices. Each device will be protected from viruses, spyware, and malware for one year. ESET Antivirus is great because it eliminates virtually all threats on your PC/Mac to keep documents and private information safe.

What is spyware/malware?

Malwareis software that is intended to damage or disable computer systems, and it willdramatically reduce your PC’s productivity and speed.

Without antivirus protection, you may be at risk for cybercrime such as identity theft or fraud. Spyware can covertly monitor your every keystroke and send vital personal information to third parties. If you make a purchase online, for example, your credit card information can be stolen and used to make fraudulent charges.

Why do I need ESET Antivirus Software?

Laptops become susceptible to viruses from file sharing, downloading full movies and simply from browsing the web. While it is generally true that PC’s have a higher chance of falling victim to viruses, there are dangerous Mac-oriented malware hazards as well. As a result of being hacked by malware, all saved work on your device may be erased, and personal information may be stolen.

How do I install my ESET software?

Installing ESET Antivirus is easy!  For personal devices, please go to and enter your CSUSB email address. You will receive a validation email and a unique activation key.  For state-owned hardware, go to

For any questions or support, please contact the CSUSB Tech Support Center at 909-537-7677 or email


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Targeted Phishing Attack – Subject “Confirm Your Login”
Posted by Gerard Au on 02 July 2016 12:49 PM

July 2, 2016

ITS has been made aware of a targeted phishing attack in the form of an email that came from “CSUSB Technology Support Center” with the subject “Confirm Your Login”.

Please be aware that this email is not legitimate and could compromise your CSUSB account. If you did click on the link and entered your login information, please contact the Technology Support Center as soon as possible or use the following link to reset your account:

Thank You,
Gerard Au
Associate Vice President, Information Technology Services

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JMP Software now available for all CSUSB Students, Faculty and Staff
Posted by James O'Linger on 06 May 2016 12:12 PM

Dear Colleagues,

JMP Statistical Software is now available to all students, faculty and staff at CSUSB. To download and install the software on University machines or home machines, please use one of the links below or go to the ITS Software downloads page at :

JMP statistical discovery software from SAS is the tool of choice for scientists, engineers and other data explorers in almost every industry and government sector. JMP combines powerful statistics with dynamic graphics, in memory and on the desktop. Interactive and visual, JMP reveals insights that raw tables of numbers or static graphs tend to hide.

For more information about JMP please refer to the JMP website.

Training for JMP software will be available soon through the Office of Academic Technologies and Innovation.

If you have any questions, please contact our Technology Support Center at or 909-537-7677

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