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HETS - Virtual Plaza
Posted by James O'Linger on 07 June 2017 01:12 PM

Image of HETS LogoHispanic Educational Testing Service - Virtual Plaza

The university has access to a very rich array of “Tools, Resources and Study Aids” to help students succeed in college.  Of particular interest to our students, there is information on career selection and placement, graduate school test preparation materials and so much more.  There are also materials that will be of interest to faculty, staff, and administrators.  Here are some brief steps that will let you get deeply enough into the content to see what it has to offer and to be able to share that content with your staff and with students.

 As their brochure (attached and also available here: says:

“Visit to practice admission exams free of charge, find the college or graduate school that is right for you, and search for scholarships, among other resources.” 

To see some of the resources available to students, follow these steps.  First, click on the link to the “Student Placita.”  When that page opens, you will see some links just below the top image on the page.  Click on the first link to “Testing & Education Reference Center.” Once there, you might want to click on one of the tutorials listed in the middle of the page such as the “Grad School Tools” link and watch a short video that gives an overview of what students will find to help them prepare for graduate school.

If you watched one of the tutorial videos, you will have been redirected to another page.  If your browser kept the previous page open in another window, just go back to the “Testing & Education Reference Center.”  If not, you may have to navigate back to the HETS website first.  Once you are back on the Testing & Education Reference Center” page, scroll down a little ways to find “California State University S. Bernardino,” and click that link (if you hold down the “Ctrl” key on a Windows machine, the link will open in a new window).  Our campus name will be in the left hand column about five links down from the top of a gray bar across the page.  That link takes you to an INFOTRAC login page where you need to type in the password provided by the Technology Support Center.

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